The Variety of Culture, Tribe and Religion which Unify the Nation

Indonesia is a country which has a beautiful variety. Indonesia has the variety of culture, tribe and religion. We start from the variety of culture in Indonesia. Culture created by citizen behavior. Culture showed the characteristics of any Indonesian person. Uniquely, Indonesians ,in world’s eyes,known as friendly people that shown with our habit to smile every time and everywhere, even with someone we don’t know. There is an anecdote which tell how to communicate with Indonesian even we don’t know the person yet. The answer is so simple, when you look into his or her face and you try to bow your head, that is the time they will become your friend. No wonder why there are so many foreign tourists who is really confortable to stay in Indonesia.


Few times ago, I ever read a survey which done by Asiabus. That institution reveals that 91% Indonesian people are happy. This report is enough consistent and equal with Ipsos Globals advisor’s survey in 2011 which says that 92% of Indonesian people feel happy It is really surprisingly that the presentation of the people who are really happy Indonesia is bigger than in developed country like Singapore. It shown that Indonesia is a very good place to live. It created by positively culture and healthy environment which found in Indonesia.

Indonesia has also the variety of tribes. There are 1340 tribes in Indonesia as Indonesia Statistic Institution in 2010. Besides of the variety of culture and religion, Indonesia also has a variety of religion. A few times ago, Indonesia President gets an achievement as The Tolerance of Religion Figure from Apeal of Conscience Foundation (ACF).


Indeed, in international Indonesia always get praise but in domestic sometimes it becomes controversial. It turns out, there are so many Indonesians who hasn’t feel free to have a religion. In Indonesia, there is a border between youths and exactly make a great wall among them.  Religion becomes a dividing which makes the distance between youth is wider. There is no tight hand to make a unity. Actually, religion is not discussed about who becomes a winner or who becomes the looser. Religion is not discussed about you and me. In my opinion, all of religion in Indonesia teach us about truth and kindness, but not all people reveal that religion is true and kind.

But, this is Indonesia. With all the variety which Indonesia has, Indonesia sill can stand to effort the religion tolerance which is rare do in international. Sometimes my thought disturbed by a country which makes a religion as their base. As an example, when I look Vatican where that country has 100% Catholic ( Could do they feel the beautiful of difference when friends beside them are “different”? Could do they  feel the beautiful of holding hands to create the nation together, whereas they have a different background?

Can you imagine that what happen in indonesia is a rare momment ? This is a statement which can open indonesian mind that born in indonesia is a gift.  Because indonesian was born in a place that has so many variety.  

So, what is the youth role nowadays? First, stary from little thing in your environment. Make a religion discussion. But the discussion not only attended by scholar or leader of religion, but also by all of your youth in your place as the next generation. Not only about religion buat also discussion about ethnics and tribe. Make an intensive discussion to create a unity.

 Second, let the difference of this life become a lifestyle.  Try to make our environment wider with the friends who is differet with us. When we communicate with them, we will know and understand what the meaning of difference is.

 Relligion can be different. Tribe also can be different.  The language can be different. But our hair is same,that is ‘black’   Hair in this article means our mind set. Our same mind set to fight together to make our name appear in International and our tollerance practic can become an example for another country.

 Even we are different,we are still same and also one nation.  Let us make unity for better world .Thank you




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